AutoMaxi (Autonomous Robotic Car)
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AutoMaxi is meant from autonomous Taxi i.e the automatic control of robotic mini car which follows some path like white line on black background or black line on white background in addition this may also extended to other guide-lines like side walls etc.

This workshop is designed for 5 days online training followed by 2 day on-campus workshop for 2x8 Hours. It is basically an autonomous line follower design with additional added intelligence by simple digital logic and electronics circuit implementation. In which all the basics about the robotics component, circuit design, circuit simulation and fabrication with full time presence of top experience person in this field.

The main feature of this workshop is that the circuit design is carried in various ways at least four circuits and more, subject to availability of time and the speed of learning so that the participants get full control on the electronic circuit design for their applications. We also introduced with some of the circuit simulation tools so that we can make corrections and examined the performance of the designed circuit for respective application.

The basic Robotic-Kit provided by us includes everything which will used for design of said mini-car. In addition some components for the design of the same for some advanced problem statements.

Workshop Content

  1. Robotics fundamentals, Various subsections like Actuators, Sensors, Controller, Power supply unit, Communications unit etc.
  2. Introduction to Tracking robots like white line follower
  3. Component description & Testing of its functioning for DC Motor, Motor derives with Power Transistor-MJE3055T, H-Bridge motor derive L239D, 555 timer, LDR, IR Sensor, Phototransistor, IR receivers and various ICs employed for the fabrication.
  4. Modeling of Kinematics of BOT in reference of sensor position (It will helps the student to carry out scientific analysis of the dynamics of car control which is very important at the time of BOT fabrication where placement of Wheels and relative placement of senor module in order to optimized the control of the BOT and this is our one of the unique features solely developed by EKLAVYA INNOVISION R&D team).
  5. Pre fabrication discussion for the Autonomous Robot design along with testing of each subsystem.
  6. Introduction to simulating tools like “Microsim Pspice” & “Tina Pro” in order to simulate the electronic circuitry employed for our BOT before fabrication.
  7. Fabrication of Robotic base with optimize model in reference of wheel and sensor placement.
  8. Fabrication of control circuit with stepwise testing, modification and optimization which followed by installation of control circuitry on the Bot.
  9. Introduction to IC 555 (A timer circuit) its interfacing with digital circuitry and discussion of various issues like loading, spiking and the use of 555 for the well known problem statements frequently given in Robotics events.
  10. One event based on the fabricated BOT from ourside having some prizes for winners.
  11. Demonstration of one R&D project from our side for this workshop will demonstrate a project in which we can use our PC as a CRO which will helps student to carry out the electronic lab testing in their room also with the help of their computer employing as CRO.

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