EmbedMe (Microcontroller Based Robotics)
Lets go for Machine riding...

The workshop course entitled "EmbedMe" is designed to boost up the basic understanding of programmable devices and their implementation in step-wise practical manner. With this course we aimed to develop the basic understanding of programmable devices like microcontrollers, their real world interfacing, complete programming and burning procedures and most unique is the burner kit fabrication ourselves which will boost the understanding the computer interfacing of the microcontroller as well low cost design (as burning kit cost are very high in market). This course also includes the PCB fabrication techniques since it is compulsory for burning kit fabrication and lots more...
               The duration of the course is 5 day online training followed by 2 days On-campus workshop for 2x8 Hours. We are also available with the course kit having respective components and utility tools.

Workshop Content

  1. Robotics fundamentals, Various subsections like Actuators, Sensors, Controller, Power supply unit, Communications unit etc.
  2. Introduction to the Programmable Integrated circuits (Microcontroller, P89V51RD2)
  3. Introduction to microcontroller programming and its burning process to the chip
  4. Introduction to the PCB design technology and related tools
  5. Pre fabrication discussion for the Autonomous Robot design along with testing of each subsystem.
  6. Fabrication of Microcontroller development board with real time computer interface via serial communication.
  7. Interfacing of motors and other devices with microcontroller
  8. Fabrication of control circuit with stepwise testing, modification and optimization which followed by installation of control circuitry on the Bot.
  9. Interfacing of motors and other devices with microcontroller
  10. One event based on the fabricated BOT from ourside having some prizes for winners.
  11. Demonstration of real time interfacing and control of a Motor with the personnel computer via serial comunication trough the MATLAB
  12. Some programming practices like digital counter design, timer design and other implications
  13. Current and future trend of embedded system design.

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