EyeBot (Vision Based Robotics)
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This is of high level training workshop needs some prior introductory knowledge about general robotics; Microcontroller based embedded system and Image Processing. It is of duration of 5 days online training followed by 2 days On-campus workshop for 2x8 Hours.

It is a multidisciplinary training workshop as a combination of large area of engineering and technology. This is the very recent area in robotics and gateway to the humanoid robotics which is the finest creation in the field of machine intelligence.

We have very skilled and motivated expert in this field having exceptional computation and infinite courage to train the university students in the field of Image processing based computation and the modern robot design.

Workshop Content

  1. Introduction to Vision based Robotics & Recent advancement in vision based practices
  2. Introduction to image and its mathematical representation for the ace of computation
  3. Introduction to computation tools, like MATLAB, Open CV etc
  4. Refreshing the microcontroller technology with the emphasis on Motor interfacing, real time interfacing with PC, onboard programming
  5. Fabrication of Microcontroller P89V51Rd2 burner and the complete system for real time PC based serial communication
  6. Fabrication of general purpose I-BOT having facility of real time PC communication, onboard programming facility
  7. Fabrication of control circuit with stepwise testing, modification and optimization which followed by installation of control circuitry on the Bot.
  8. Introduction to Image processing toolbox of MATLAB and its implications
  9. Real time interfacing of microcontroller with PC via MATLAB, development of image processing algorithms and the application of prepared I-BOT
  10. Introduction to GUI-based software development and stand alone exe file development with the GUI-based software development of current problem

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