Basic Project Innovation Consultancy is designed to give an ace to the college student towards the advanced research project and current technology. The whole Service program is designed so that the learning process optimize with concern of Fun, Knowledge, Skill and Cost-effectiveness. If you donít find project of your interest on the list you may go for our Advance Project Research Consultancy service.

How To Initiate???

Step-1: Chose any project from the project menu.
Step-2: Have a talk with your mentor of graduation project for approval (in case you presented this as your major project).
Step-3: Have a talk with us on the contact info.
Step-4: Get registered for the Service with your remarks.
Step-5: Start the work with our experts.


Basic Electronics Based:

  • Automatic Commodity counter
  • Automatic Bulb Operator system
  • Room luminosity controller system
  •  Automatic room temperature controller system

Microcontroller Based:

  • Microcontroller based numeric password operated security door system
  • Microcontroller based surveillance and data logger system

Audio Processing Based:

  • Speech Documentation system with audio processing technology
  • User Voice controlled music player system

Video/Image Processing Based:

  • Low cost finger print operated security system
  • Image processing based speed sensor of vehicles moving on the road
  • Image processing based car name plate data recording system
  • Face scanning based security system


Contact info:


Phone +919990112004