Indian School of Innovation -Samastipur, Bihar(India)
 An exceptional institution of its kind for self learning
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Foundation Story

To make the dream of EI for spreading the wave of self learning in every segment & every age of our society, Indian School of Innovation (ISI) is conceptualized and given it a shape of an NGO & volunteer Organization.
                It is conceptualize to lift ancient economical and technical practices to the mainstream of society by organizing those practices, conducting self learning events, open sky meeting also adding the modern science, technology & management to make those practices more competitive. It is in the stage of foundation and hopefully will be making it existence by end of year 2013.

Key Working Areas

Its main motto is to make it a temple of self learning where the exceptional person of their field can elevate their skills to the endless height and make them super productive for the society.
              This institution will be one of its kinds which have no formal syllabus, courses or degree certification or exams/assessment. We believe the work of its volunteer will be the final degree of their education.