ManBot (manually controlled Robots)
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This Workshop is based on the manually controlled robotics in which our main concern is to the fabrication of wired & wireless manually controlled robotic systems. We have a unique methodology of theoratical background, motion dynamics & kinematics studies followed by fabrication.The workshop is fully practical, conducted with "Learning by Doing" Policy.
          The workshop duration normally 5 days of online training and two days of on-campus workshop for2x8 Hours.

Workshop Content

  1. Robotics fundamentals, Various subsections like Actuators, Sensors, Controller, Power supply unit, Communications unit etc.
  2. Introduction & demostrations to various type of control system like Electrical, pneumatic , mechanical etc.
  3. Component description & Testing of its functioning for DC Motor, Motor derives with Power Transistor-MJE3055T, H-Bridge motor derive L239D, Toggle switches, RF Module etc.
  4. Introduction to dynamics of car based system (It will help the student to carry out scientific analysis of the dynamics of car control which is very important at the time of BOT fabrication where placement of Wheels selecting the wheels to be powered are directly linked with these analysis in order to optimized the control of the BOT and this is our one of the unique features solely developed by EKLAVYA INNOVISION R&D team)
  5. Pre fabrication discussion for the manually controlled Robot design along with testing of each subsystem.
  6. Introduction to simulating tools like “Microsim Pspice” & “Tina Pro” in order to simulate the electronic circuitry employed for our BOT before fabrication.
  7. Fabrication of Manually controlled BOT with toggle-switch based system.
  8. Introduction to RF technology & some testing with RF module.
  9. Discussion of the motor interfacing with RF module (This is a very important topic in the area of RF based system since we found people generally failed to interface in RF module with motor having higher power rating which leads to the failure of the Receiving circuitry of RF module up to the destruction , in this section we cover the various technique to amplify the power of the receiving terminal of the RF module).
  10. Implementation of the RF based control to the fabricated BOT (in the manually controlled BOT section), testing and troubleshooting.
  11. Introduction to Hand & Picking mechanism like electromagnet based picking system, Sucking type picking system, frog modeled cross linked picking system fabrication and testing.
  12. One event based on the fabricated BOT from ourside having some prizes for winners.
  13. Demonstration of one R&D project from our side for this workshop will demonstrate a project in which we can use our PC as a CRO which will helps student to carry out the electronic lab testing in their room also with the help of their computer employing as CRO.

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