How We Work?

"If there are 120 Crores of empty STOMATCH asking for foods, there are also 240 Crores of HANDS ready to work."-Sushma Swaraj

We are inspired by the quote given by an Indian leader during a parliamentary debate. We are organize in fusion of application innovation of modern technology & management and ancient practices & professional areas. We work to empower the people with their active involvement towards application innovation to lift their life style & productivity along with organizational development.

Technology Education

We conduct various workshop & self learning courses in the area on Technology like Robotics, Embedded systems, Image processing, web designing and application software’s to build technical competencies among the potential student near us. We also arrange some events to create an environment suitable for technological development of students engaged with us. All these activities are conducted by Department of Robotics & Technical Innovation.

Institutional Tie-ups

Our key resource towards Innovation is Institutional Tie-ups. We thought making a multidimensional network of existed institutions and their functions we solve most of the challenges of our society, and for the same we are most concerned towards local as well as global institutional tie-ups.


We driven & derived by volunteer approach. In order to build a limitless quality intellect resource from every section of our society, we are keen to develop a volunteer team in every segment of our society to carry some of their related economic & education issues and solve them with the aid of Innovation with our presence and carry them to make it in professional with social policies.

Venture Seeding

Our Organizational pride is venture development with the background of "professional style & social policy” and the same is backbone of our Corporate plan. Our core work is to develop small ventures which come as a result of Volunteering activities and self learning.