Volunteers at Eklavya Innovision®

"We believe, Technology is a powerful tool to engage lifelong learning."-The driving force for volunteers at Eklavya Innovision®

Research Students at R&D lab for robotics & artificial intelligence

Sr. No. Name of research student Parent Institution Email ID Research topic
1. Rohit Kumar Azad BCE-Bhagalpur rohitazad022@gmail.com Robotics
2. Priya Gupta BCE-Bhagalpur priyabce1996@gmail.com Robotics
3. Neelam Kumari BCE-Bhagalpur kumarineelam0111@gmail.com Robotics
4. Mukesh Kumar BCE-Bhagalpur mukeshbceian@gmail.com Robotics
5. Puja Kumari BCE-Bhagalpur puja_heena@yahoo.in Robotics
6. Shivangi Pawan BCE-Bhagalpur shivisays24@gmail.com Robotics
7. Rashmi Kiran BCE-Bhagalpur rashmiikashyap2612@gmail.com Robotics
8. Kumari Pushplata BCE-Bhagalpur pushplatasoni789@gmail.com Robotics
9. Vijeta Singh BCE-Bhagalpur vijetasinghrajput95@gmail.com Robotics
10. Abhinav Kumar BCE-Bhagalpur abhi.chbs@gmail.com Robotics
11. Ravi Bhushan Kumar BCE-Bhagalpur rbhushan497@gmail.com AI
12. Chandan Kumar BCE-Bhagalpur chandan1592@gmail.com AI
13. Abhash Kumar BCE-Bhagalpur abhash91@gmail.com AI
14. Deepak Kumar BCE-Bhagalpur dk73842@gmail.com AI
15. Shashi Kumar BCE-Bhagalpur shashiraj1950@gmail.com AI
16. Alok Kumar BCE-Bhagalpur alokk242@gmail.com AI